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This is the first Gentz Album.  Recorded in 1982, originally for the "AllStar" records label.  This album was recorded at The Record Plant and Variety Recording Studios.  Both in the heart of NYC.  During the recording of this album, The Gentz also recorded an EP backing up Bo Diddley along with recordings for singer/songwriter Linda Nardini and, the Top 100 national hit for street singer "Sando" with his tribute to John Lennon titled "For The Walrus.  

The Gentz toured extensively during this period in support of their own first album but also in support for the nationally played "For The Walrus".  

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Drive 3:23 $0.69
Flesh And Blood 3:14 $0.69
Hero 2:38 $0.69
If You've Got The Heart 3:22 $0.69
Kill Me Quick 4:04 $0.69
Radio 3:43 $0.69
Red Alert 3:43 $0.69
Tear it up 2:58 $0.69
Victory 3:20 $0.69
Video Feedback 4:51 $0.69

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