Rock City
The Gentz © 2006
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The Gentz brought their New York Sound on the road to support the first album.  Touring extensively from New York to Chicago and Toronto to Washington.  All the way The Gentz kept their ear to the sound.  They gained exposure to the different regional styles and were influenced by each.

One sound however intrigued The Gentz.  The "Rock City" sound of Detroit.  Fueled by scores of artists and years of evolution, the music captured The Gentz. From Mitch Ryder to Bob Seeger to Eminem, the sound is Detroit.  Every major influence in Rock has been present in Detroit and has left it's mark.  Big Beat, Soul, Pop, Blues, R & B, Rap, you name it - its all here.

The Gentz wanted to be a part of it and pay tribute to it. That's why this album was recorded in Detroit.  The band forged relationships with several area musicians, some of which appear on this album, like David Bradley from the Silver Bullet Band.

The album - "Rock City" - is as much Detroit as it is The Gentz.  Its about the music.

Philip Brina...

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Dreaming 3:23 $0.69
Hearts Like China 2:56 $0.69
Hollywood Rose 3:39 $0.69
It's Not Too Late 2:49 $0.69
Journey To Your Heart 5:06 $0.69
Lost In The Stars 4:06 $0.69
Moscow 4:40 $0.69
Rock-It 3:25 $0.69
The Loneliness 4:10 $0.69
You've Got To Be Strong 2:31 $0.69

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