Rising From The Ashes
The Gentz © 2007
$6.99/$10.99 (Disc)

80's Punk Rockers, The Gentz, return with a brand new CD produced by the great Grammy nominated Don Casale (who also produced InnaGoddaDavida for The Iron Butterfly and, has worked with such artists as The Young Rascals and Aretha). Original Punk Rocker Jeff Salen who founded the "Tuff Darts" contributes a song "I Don't Want To Feel" and also some inspired gutiar work.

"Rising From The Ashes" marks a return to live performance for The Original Gentz with the help of new member, Kent Carter on Drums . The three original members, Dee Dee Bache, Ricky Lance Lane and Philip Brina have come back strong with a very Radio Friendly CD that will have you singing the hooks over and over again.

Take advantage of the 'Rock Against Recession" pricing and download "Rising From The Ashes". Or purchase the CD for $10.99 with free shipping.


Angel 3:21 $0.69
Girls Talk Dirty 3:00 $0.69
I Don't Want to Feel 2:50 $0.69
Just Like Me 3:51 $0.69
Rhythm of the Rain 3:22 $0.69
She's So Cold 3:23 $0.69
Try Me 2:38 $0.69
Two Shadows 3:22 $0.69
Who's Gonna Love You 2:51 $0.69
You're The One 3:04 $0.69

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